Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 1

So, I went grocery shopping today. Okay, not really. I usually do my grocery shopping Tuesday afternoons with the assistance of an attendant. I usually shop at Zehrs. If the weather is nice, I often stroll down to the small local store. Other times, I go to the big store in Cambridge.

The weather was beautiful today, so I went down the street to the local plaza. All I needed was toothpaste, so I decided to go to Shoppers Drug Mart instead of Zehrs. Take that Galen Weston!

The beauty of the day was that we did not have to hurry and shop in the 90 minutes allotted. Lutz and I went to Tim Horton's and we enjoyed our drinks, the sun, and the breeze on the lawn. Sure I enjoyed it, but I think Lutz really appreciated the break on a busy day.

Does anybody have any ideas how I could spend my shopping time or what else I could accomplish during that time that I have an attendant?


  1. You should probably go buy some clothes. Or go do something you have never done, like heroin.. or maybe something less harmful.

  2. Thanks for the input!

    ...I think

  3. Visit me!

    No, I know, not enough time.

    Don't know bro.

  4. Pop out to Maple Ridge ... we have Tim Horton's here too!

  5. Haha sweet Challenge dude. I like it. You should play board games with your attendant. Or learn about their hopes and dreams. Or both.


  6. Or think of creative meals together - to use up the antediluvian morsels found in your pantry.